OBSBOT Tiny Remote Control(Compatible with Windows and macOS)

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Wireless connection 

2.4GHz wireless connection via a USB receiver, plug and play, you can enjoy long-range wireless control up to 10 meters / 32.8ft. 


Convenient to Use 

Press the key and control Tiny Series easily, support many functions such as zoom, PTZ, track and so on.


What's In The Box 

1 * Tiny Remote Control

1 * USB Receiver

Compatibility:OBSBOT Tiny (1080P Edition, 4K Edition)



* When the remote control is enabled, some keys on the computer keyboard will not work.


Customer Reviews

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R.M. (Anchorage, US)
Great Concept, Needs Some Work

The remote is an AMAZING concept, and I love being able to use the remote instead of the app or the gestures because it gives the user way more control of the camera. The Tiny 4k is great, no complaints about that so far. I just wish that I could properly type while using the controller. This can be easily fixed by using ALT combinations even if they do decide to stay with the WASD keys. While this is the only disappointment I have had so far, it is a major one that cannot be overlooked. Aside from that the software for the camera is a bit buggy at times, but nothing detrimental or inhibiting. If it weren't for the keys issue it would be an almost perfect product. It would be perfect if they used better and more durable materials for the structure of the remote, but that doesn't take away from the function.

Josh Murray (Frisco, US)
It works well, but....

The remote does its job and moves the OBSBot camera very smoothly and easily. It's much better than using the app. The only real problem is that if you have the usb adapter plugged with the remote activated in the app and want to use your keyboard as well, the keyboard just doesn't work. You have to go into the app and turn off the remote to type and then go back in and start the remote again to use it. It's kind of a pain.

If you just need the remote and don't have to use a keyboard while using the camera, it's great. If you need to be able to use both without having to make changes, well, this just doesn't fit the bill. I use this as a dog cam while streaming and since the OBSBot doesn't automatically track the dogs, the remote would be very helpful if not for the keyboard/remote issue.

Jeffrey Ohata (Honolulu, US)
Hoped it would be great but it is only good.

The main issue for everyone is that it maps crucial keyboard keys to the remote. That being said, you can actually just use a cheap wireless keyboard as a remote when you turn on the remote option in the OBSbot Tiny app. It would be much better if the controls on the remote were analog so you could do smooth and speed-controlled movements/zoom. It's nice that it is radio-controlled and you don't have to point the remote at the camera to control it. I use a control interface that has buttons/dials that I mapped to the hotkeys in the OBSbot Tiny app which works better for me because those require ALT+Hotkey which doesn't disturb normal typing on your keyboard. There is also nowhere to store the receiver in the remote so if you're on the go you will need to keep track of the separate pieces. In the end, it works and it has a simple intuitive interface so that's good.

New OBSBOT Tiny Remote Controller

General Specification:

Color: Black
Weight: 33.5g
Battery Type: 2pcs AAA battery required (Not Included in package)
Max. Control Range: 10m



1/ The Remote Controller is exclusively designed for the OBSBOT Tiny series(Tiny 4K and Tiny included ).
2/ Support controlling up to 4 OBSBOT Tinys at the same time;
3/ Well compatible with Windows and macOS computers
4/ Compatible with OBSBOT TinyCam App  V1.1.2.12 and above

Before You Use

Step 1: Put two batteries into the remote control
Step 2: Plug the USB receiver into your computer
Step 3: Connect OBSBOT Tiny to your computer
Step 4: Open TinyCam software, enable remote control in the [System Setting]
a. Turning on the Remote Control setting will cause some keys on your computer's keyboard to work improperly, this is a normal situation, the keyboard will work normally after you turn off the Remote Control setting in TinyCam.
b.Please ensure TinyCam software is always at the top of other software on the computer desktop while you using the Remote Control.


Tutorial Video