OBSBOT Tail AI搭載高性能カメラ

  • AI追跡
  • ハンドジェスチャー
  • インテリジェント構図
  • 3軸ジンバル
  • ソニー製CMOSセンサーとHOYA製光学レンズ



OBSBOT Tail内容物:

  • OBSBOT Tail(WEBカメラ対応)*1
  • 高性能マイク*1
  • 急速充電器*1
  • ミニ三脚*1
  • ショルダー型マウント*1



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Rodriguez (Brodhead, US)

OBSBOT Tail Auto-Director AI Camera

Jennifer Petrila (Worcester, US)
Wow. great 3 axis auto video/camera.

This is such an amazing product. I've wanted a camera to do exactly this nearly all my life. Not having someone that is a camera person to shoot videos or take photos has been a huge problem so setup videos cameras in fixed locations and then hit the record button..

Not only does this waste footage it uses up batteries. With the OBSBOT Tail, I can get all the footage I need and its in focus and so simple to use..

This is one of the best video camera purchases I have ever made.. I'm extremely thankful that this item came to life.. I've supported many items on Idiegogo and Kickstarted that fell way short of the listed goals if the item is made at all..

Wonderful product and thanks for coming through..

Thank you for loving our product, we tried our best to deliver a perfect product!

João Marinho (Figueira da Foz Municipality, PT)
3-axis gimbal ???

In the product information says this is a camera with 3-axis gimbal, i only see 2-axis, unless the third is digital it still wouldn't be 3-axis but 2-axis plus digital compensation/adjustment, misleading information, do not try to mislead the consumer.

OBSBOT Tail has a built-in three-axis pan/tilt/zoom gimbal platform that effectively stabilizes the image during video shots. With a 360° lock-free horizontal pan achieving maximum speed of 180/s.
Controllable range:Pan: Unrestricted; Tilt: -50° ~ +50°; Roll: -45° ~ +135°
Structurally possible range:Pan: Unrestricted; Tilt: -90° ~ +90°;Roll: -135° ~ +135°