OBSBOT Tiny Magnetic Mount

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Various Placement

With the frictional rubber holder, you can place the magnetic mount on any screen. 


Secure and Convenience

The strong magnet help you securely place the OBSBOT Tiny Series at anywhere you like, and you can easily take it down.


Customer Reviews

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J.M. (Brastad, SE)
Like it alot, until removed...

This little gadget was fantastic for my Obsbot Mini 4K. However, since I work at more then one office I have to remove it from the computer from time to time. I did not take loong until the rubber/glue-ish material dissapeard. Bought it about 3 month ago. Worked for about 8 weeks... now I have to concider other options. Cant buy new ones every 8 weeks...

Tought about having one at every place I work. Still, have to pick it off everytime I close my laptop....

I still love it coz it is easier to center the cam so it looks as if I am ALMOST looking directly to whom I'm looking at... I spite to tripod solutions.

I work as a physiotherapiest with digital consulting. So I have to move around alot in the room (tripod perfect) but it when I am closer to the screen that I really need it to be centered at the screen. Instead of changing to standardcam in the laptop.... any suggestions would be helpful.

..and one last thing. Be careful when undeploing it so the rubberfotplastic led won't break. Mine did yesturday.

John Burwell (Orangeburg, US)
The Tiny Magnetic Mount also has tiny, fragile hinges

After using the TMM that came with my Osbot camera approximately 10 times, the hinge holding the magnetic side broke off. No hard physical treatment; it just broke off. I ordered two more in anticipation of this recurring due to poor design.

Badrulhisham B (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Pricey but perfect.

I have no complaints. Works well from day 1 of usage.