OBSBOT Tiny 1080P Combo

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OBSBOT Tiny AI-Powered PTZ Webcam x1

OBSBOT Tiny Remote Control x1

Storage Case for OBSBOT Tiny Series x1 

USB-A to USB-C Data Power Cable with ON/OFF Switch x1



Customer Reviews

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Gagan Deep Singh (Poplar, GB)
Amazing product

Really pleased to see the features and its working. Though the gesture recognition AI can be improved a bit.

Stephan Öppinger (Vienna, AT)
Love the concept

I love the idea behind this camera.
A camera that follows you. Amazing. It works surprisingly well. A bit slow but it follows you where ever you go.

However for the price it feels a bit cheap in the hand. The plastic doesn’t feel premium.

Resolutionwise I expected more from a 4K Camera. Tut is sometimes worse than from the one on my MacBook Pro 2021. The L sign to zoom in does not always work.

Additionally I had to pay 67€ tax on top of the high price.

I think it is a great product that needs to be optimized.

John Hay (Secaucus, US)
HUGE Potential for the future

I have been running the Bosma Pro EX now for about a month. The image quality is incredible, both in resolution, and overall clarity. Even as simply a “static” WiFi cam this unit is well worth the price.

My concern, and I’ll be anxiously awaiting the new Gen 2 iteration of this camera, is for the automatic tracking and WiFi reliability. The tracking normally does not keep up with the speed of the person or other motion, particularly in the “tilt” function. The “panning” is fairly good. Also, although I have a perfect WiFi connection the reliability of me getting back the image from Bosma’s servers is sporadic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

So, we’ll be purchasing the next Gen in quantity whenever it’s released.

For now, even the Gen 1 cam is well worth its low price point.

All the best,