OBSBOT Tiny AI-Powered PTZ Webcam

$199.00 $199.00 USD
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  • AI-tracking With Auto Frame
  • Up to 1080P@30fps Video Capture
  • 2x Digital Zoom
  • Gesture Control
  • Unparalleled Privacy
  • Best low-light Performance

Customer Reviews

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max whitehead (Unsworth Heights, NZ)
Tiny 4K Camera

I now have two tiny camera's and are finding them perfect for our task. We conduct interviews and use 4 camera's for that we also at times have a studio audience and find the 4k zoom very helpful in not only filming the audiance but it also is able to Zoom into a person with a comment which often happens. The extra bonus all these cameras feed into a Roland VR4-HD switcher and now my OBSOT Tinys' can connect into HDMI it works well. Thank you OBSBOT

R. J. Heddins
Nice little camera, but needs some improvements

For the price, the Tiny 4K camera is pretty impressive for amateur use. I thought I could utilize it as a secondary camera for live-stream purposes, but there were a couple of issues I encountered. The first was a composition “problem" while in Tracking mode. Proper/professional composition should position a camera to show minimal “headroom” of the person in view (the top of the head should typically be about a hands breath from the top of the screen), but the Tiny 4K positions the person’s head about 1/3 of the way down from the top, sometimes drifting to vertically near-center, the way most amateurs do it (not knowing any better). Proper composition can be achieved manually, but that defeats the cool AI tracking feature. This is certainly fixable in future firmware downloads, and I’ve given my input to the development people at OBSBOT. The 2nd issue I noticed was that while zooming in (digital zoom), I would’ve hoped that it being a 4K camera, at 50% zoom, there’d be the equivalent of 2K resolution, but it looked more like 720p or less. Plus, maybe because my HDMI cable was too long, there were lines and artifacts in the picture, mostly noticeable when zoomed in. So, for most people’s use, as a general-use amateur webcam, it’s fine—and pretty cool--but unfortunately in my case it wasn’t able to meet my needs.

We will continue to work hard to improve our products. Thanks for your support!

Niklas Gummeson (Fountain Valley, US)
Exploring OBSBOT

Great support and communication with the OBSBOT team. A++ on their openness and willingness to listen to customers' needs and wishes.

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